We are growing every day, more Likes and more businesses

We are growing every day, more Likes and more businesses

Certainly going the right way for the benefit of everyone
I am both proud and very grateful to say that yet another cool milestone has been hit; we’ve just reached the 700th Like on Facebook. One of the reasons I am really excited about this is because some of the bigger national business directories only have a few hundred Likes, and when you look at how many businesses they have listed, it is nice to think that so many people Like the directory and what it has to offer.

Things need to change to allow the Directory to move on
With this is mind, hopefully this means that lots of people are using our site on a daily and weekly basis– note also we have had over 6000 page hits since May which is over 160 hits a week – really excited to see where things will go next!

Comments and reviews will be a key turning point
I do keep being asked about when reviews will be coming and a lot of the time when I put forward for people to use the Directory the answer is more often the same, that people were recommendations. So, with that in mind I will be looking to the future and the possibility of a new style of site, so that comments can then be left to praise and recommend a great service that they have been given. This in turn will provide great value for those listed.

I am very happy about what has been achieved so far, and very much intend to grow this further, but taking it carefully and being selective as we go as the whole ethos of the directory is to have only the best businesses and services listed.

So, please, do watch this space and let’s see where things go!