Say “hello!” to the Red Lodge Business Directory

Say “hello!” to the Red Lodge Business Directory

Recommended, reliable, local, trusted, keen to help – just some of the words used to describe the amazing businesses and services in Red Lodge!

It’s time to highlight these, all in one convenient place, just for you.

Say “Hello!” to the new and amazing Red Lodge Business Directory

My name is Alex Redgrave
When I first moved to Red Lodge, I joined the local community group on Facebook. Every day so many local residents would be on the lookout for trades people, health and beauty products, accountants – the list went on and on. I mentioned to a member that I had designed websites in my teens, and was asked if I would design and build a Directory for those local businesses and services.

It all began one evening in my front room
I was using a very out-dated type of design software – but hey, it managed to build a website so it was good enough for me at the time. So, I created a post in the community group and within just a few weeks we had over 100 businesses listed, the Directory was born and word was spreading fast. My main aim was to help the local businesses, and give them exposure, so local residents could easily find the best of Red Lodge at their fingertips, and also grab some great discounts too.

Running a directory wouldn’t be easy
At the time I don’t think I realised just how much of my own time it would actually take up. However, with lots of enthusiasm I hoped that I’d be able to grow it. I had no doubt that it would be a big commitment and one that I was determined to accept (much to my wife’s dismay!).
With a customer service background, I hope to create a brand that will one day be the ‘go to’ place for Suffolk residents. Not only will the website be somewhere people can find that amazing business, but I myself will be a key part of the website, aiming to provide an outstanding service.
I wish to seek out only the very best companies, who are recommended for their service and reputation in their chosen fields – watch this space and help the ‘Suffolk Directory’ brand become the place to go!