Hello and welcome to ((BOUNCE)) Ipswich – high intensity, low impact workouts performed on mini trampolines.

The atmosphere is fun, friendly and fierce, making the time spent in class welcoming, sociable and seriously effective – it is also fully inclusive, if you can jump, you can join!

((BOUNCE)) is suitable for any level of fitness as we always give low options and adaptations where available and is 3 times more effective than floor based exercise due to gravity and g-force and the trampoline absorbs 87% of the shock making it low impact for anyone with joint issues.

The world’s leading mini trampoline fitness brand, founded in 2014 by Kimberlee Perry, brought to life with the main aim of making fitness fun and more accessible for everyone. Together with Chris Perry they turned it into a franchise business, continually opening studios up and down the UK and across the world.

Routines are performed to banging tunes in a welcoming, motivating, environment. We encourage a social space where you can make friends or even bring your children along while you workout too – we’re proud to have pioneered the ‘child-friendly’ fitness movement and pride ourselves on operating an inclusive FUN FRIENDLY FIERCE nightclub vibe.

· Bookings can be transferred up to 24 hours prior to class (same value, same venue) ·


· Tuesday 18:00 BEATS (CF), 19:00 ((BOUNCE)) (CF)
· Wednesday 19:00 BELLY (CF), 20:00 ((BOUNCE))
· Friday 18:45 BEATS (CF)
· Saturday 09:00 BLIZT (CF)


((BOUNCE)) – dance-cardio class featuring 45 minutes of choreographed routines which is 45 and 15 minutes of toning
((BOUNCE)) BEATS – percussion-based workout using weighted drumsticks to emphasise the upper body; an amazing stress reliever!
((BOUNCE)) BELLY – ultimate abdominal workout targeting the entire midsection to trim, firm and define suitable for all abilities
((BOUNCE)) BLITZ – ultimate 45 minute workout incorporating ALL our class styles of ((BOUNCE)), BEATS, BOOTCAMP but including strength work with weights and flow yoga

We challenge you to come to class and leave without a smile!

Please check out our website for loads more info!

Address & Contact

Our Address

Copleston High School, Foxhall Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 8LR




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