I can't see where to register my business on your website

We took the decision to remove the Register link as we wanted those who genuinely wanted to join to contact us first. We find that this then helps source the right businesses to be listed. We welcome anyone to contact us, so we can discuss your business, on a 1-2-1 level, and if we both agree that you'd be a great fit, the Registration link will be provided. 

Contact us here.

Why should I choose you to list my business?

Originally established since 27th May 2015 as the Red Lodge Directory, and newly rebranded to the Suffolk Business Directory as of March 2019, we pride ourselves on our professional approach  - check out our reviews on Facebook or the most recent testimonials from those who have joined the directory.

The aim is to help promote Suffolk businesses and services, giving the smaller independent businesses a chance to be seen, but to also provide a tool of information for homeowners too.

By listing your business you're getting your name out there and helping your customers to reach you when they need you most.

We offer a professional, reliable and genuine service. Rarely will we be unobtainable and will always help you where we can and be as fair as possible.

Basic listings are free, with no catch at all!

Do you only list businesses in Suffolk?

The aim of the directory is to promote Suffolk businesses. Many home owners will seek out local help and choose to go with a business or service that they've heard of, and this is a key reason why businesses that are outside of Suffolk may not be listed.

If your business is not in Suffolk please contact us BEFORE joining the directory otherwise your application may not be processed.

I've applied for the directory but cannot see it listed- did I do it right?

Every listing is checked to ensure its authenticity and, more often than not, we'll contact you first before it goes live online to ensure that the standard of your listing is kept to the highest levels for both you and your future customers.

There may be a lot of businesses applying at the same time and so we may be unavailable due to this or other reasons.

We try to list all applications within 72 hours. Most of the time you'll be listed sooner and once you've been listed we'll contact you by text, e-mail, Facebook or any other method you've provided to let you know you've been added and to check your listing for accuracy.

I've got a picture to add to the directory- how do I add it?

Please contact us via email or feel free to look us up on Facebook and private message us the picture and we'll happily update this for you. We ask that you do this as it will need to be in a specific size and format and it's normally easier and quicker for us to do this for you.

Is it free to be listed on the directory?

You heard right, being listed on this directory is free of charge....well there is a cost - just your time with us to set the listing up.

However, if you wish to increase your listing visibility within your category, you may be interested in upgrading to a 'premium' or 'advanced' level.

Details of the extra features for paid listings can be seen on our Advertising page found here.

Free listings will give viewers the ability to leave reviews, include your company name and logo, however upgrading will ensure your listing is visually better than the basic listing.

We're not intending to overcharge anyone and will remain as competitive as possible, so hopefully it will be affordable.

You've asked that I join a members-only Facebook group - why should I?

Being part of the directory is being part of the Suffolk community. There are over 700 businesses listed online and at times we need to contact them due to website updates, important announcements etc. If as many of you as possible are part of the group it helps to keep in contact. Also you may find it interesting to see where it all began. You help us by joining this group!

There is something about the listing that I'm not happy about - what do I do?

If you've seen something you're not happy about, contact us either via our contact us form or message Alex directly via Messenger or pop us an email here.

In most cases we can amend your listing very quickly. One of our main aims is to ensure you're happy with the listing and it's doing what it should be - getting you more business.

If, at any time, you're not happy please contact us and we'll do all that we can to help you. 

Please note that if you change your listing yourself, upon clicking 'Update' it will go into draft form and be temporarily removed from the Directory. Only until we approve the changes, of which we'd always contact you first to ensure the change is correct and warranted, will it show back as live again. So it is quicker to contact us first, so we can help as quickly as possible.

My business or service is unique and you don’t have my category – can you create this for me?

We would suggest that you contact us if you require a new category for your business or service. If we feel that your business could be listed under a new sub-category it may be possible for this to happen. We're confident that the majority of the time when listings are submitted they can be placed within our already large list of current categories. Once again, please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss this further.

Can I put my listing on the front page of your Directory?

The only way to list your business or service on the front page is with a Premium listing.

Please have a look at this option for more details. 

I've submitted my details, the wordings I've used have been altered - why is this?

When you place a listing on the directory the content is always checked for grammar and punctuation. We ensure that, regardless of the applicant's details, we run through the information provided, make any adjustments where necessary so as to ensure the information is presentable and consistent and has a professional look.

We will discuss this with you once it is live to ensure any immediate corrections are made straight away - we want you to be happy with your listing.

Please note, if you do not want your address displayed, we can amend this to just your town/village, for privacy reasons.

How do I remove my listing?

Please contact us directly via our Facebook page or send us an email. We hope that everyone listed will have a pleasant experience and gain business - that is the aim of the directory! We accept that there will be occasions where people won't be happy with being listed or perhaps the business closes or other reasons.

Please make sure to discuss your concerns first before making the ultimate decision to leave.