Best thing about this business directory

Best thing about this business directory

Firstly helping people find fantastic businesses or services

Since starting the Directory the number one priority was ensuring that it lists as many fantastic businesses or services, as recommended by you, as possible. There have been a few businesses that I have regrettably declined but only because either they were not local or, most importantly, their feedback on their social media has not been great.

As mentioned in our terms and conditions, every business or service that registers for a listing is reviewed and contacted. This was found to be a great way to review those who own and run the business which, put simply, made sure they were good enough to be listed – the continuing ethos has been, and continues to be that we only want the best listed for those who use the Directory.

Just as importantly, doing right by those listed

There was no clue as to what would happen when the Directory was born and began to grow. It was nice to get feedback from those who used it, but to get feedback from those actually listing their business or service – this was just as amazing.

There were some comments made regarding the challenges they faced, but also some great comments of how much the Directory helped them, of which one stood out a mile.  A local roofer made it clear that without the listing on the Directory, when work would have dried up (as it can for any business) new customers would find him and ultimately, as he put it so positively and enthusiastically, helped to put food on his table – that is something that really makes running the Directory just so worthwhile and that is the feedback that makes everything about the Directory amazing.

There will be challenges ahead, and with this comes change and growth – all of which can only help the Directory flourish and provide a bright future for all those concerned.