Hello and welcome to the Advertising section of the Directory. If you are looking to enhance your listing, we’ve provided more information of what you’ll expect for your money!

A basic free listing will certainly get you started, and will look great for anyone looking for you, an example of what this may look like is below;

What if you want more from your listing?

If you have read this far hopefully it’s because you’re wanting to know what you’ll get for your money. Well the next level up is the ADVANCED option, along with the basic free listing, you’ll also be entitled to the following;

  • Social media links so you can direct your customer to view further information
  • Better displayed opening hours making sure your customer knows when you’ll be free

However, the best bit about the ADVANCED option; being able to advertise on the side bar so every category that you view, you’ll be visible on the right hand side.

The full list for an ADVANCED listing are shown below

When viewers look at a sub category, no matter which one it is, they will see your listing!

To go ahead with the Advanced package please contact Alex Redgrave via Facebook Messenger or pop him an email to discuss this further.

Attract more business your way – the PREMIUM option

So you have seen whats on offer with the ADVANCED option, now for the PREMIUM option. Your listing could look something like this;

With the PREMIUM option you’ll get all the FREE and ADVANCED options, however, and this is the good part, you will then unlock the top exclusive benefits;

  • FRONT PAGE ADYou’d be on the front page of the Directory.

    When someone lands on the home page they’ll see you 1st.
    We’ll guide them to you before anyone else instead of being on the side bar!
    (Note that all ads are shown for 5 seconds before fading to the next)

  • PRIORITY LISTING Listing you top of your category.
    If anyone looks for a specific business type you’ll be top of the list to view.
    (If more than one is upgraded in your category the order is A-Z by company name)

  • ENHANCED CONTENT We’ll ensure your listing looks amazing!
    Providing you with a snazzy picture gallery with up to 9 pictures (main listing picture plus 8 additional pictures), stunning content features and bullet points to really show off what you can offer your clients.
    We’ll work with you to show off your business, making it stand out from others

So what are you waiting for – contact us today so we can discuss getting your listing upgraded!

Need Help with your Ad?

Contact us if you need an advert making up, we can do this for you for just £25!
(Please supply your logo, text and an image)

Get the ball rolling here.


Don’t worry, our highly experienced designer can do that too. If you have lost your original, and just need it redrawn in vector format, the price for this is just £50.
Alternatively, we can produce a fully fledged, original logo and all the file formats, if this is the service you need contact us here for a quote.

See some samples below:





Double S Design Ad

Suffolk Business Directory Ad